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Parent Surveys Autumn 2017

Parent Surveys November 2019

Thank you to everyone who very helpfully completed a survey at the recent YR-Y6 parents' evenings. There Three hundred adn eighty nine surveys were returned, which is excellent. Surveys were analysed and we are delighted with the results which are in the table below. We will continue to work to address any individual issues raised in the survey.

Thank you for your support.

" We love the school. We think you do a fantastic job and our child is very happy. Also, can't drag her away from Teatime Club, she adores it there - great service, amazing staff! Thank you " (Y1)

" Exceptionally happy - feels my child is wellsuported in his learning . A massive thankyou to the teacher" (Y2)

" I would like to say, I think you have the level of homework just right. Variety, choice, but without being too time consuming." (Y5 and Y3)

'Very happy with the teaching staff'  (Y1 twins) 

"Amy is very happy here. I love this school and would recommend the school and already have to other parents." (Y1)



   Strongly      agree/agree  





1. My child is happy at this school                                                       



2. My child feels safe at this school



3. My child makes good progress at this school



4. My child is well looked after at this school



5. This school ensures that pupils are well behaved



6. This school deals effectively with bullying


70% strongly agree and 28% don't know because they have no experience of bullying in this school


7. This school responds well to any concerns I raise

92%       (7% don't know)


8. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress

95%        (3% don't know)


9. I would recommend this school to other parents



* this is a combined figure including those who don't know how the school deals with these issues.

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