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Through our creative approach to the curriculum we provide opportunities for our children to communicate for practical purposes. They will learn new ways of thinking and begin to study literature in its original language. Our teaching will foster an interest in learning and provide firm foundations for pupils wishing to continue their study of French and other languages at secondary level.

Although there are no statutory requirements for languages to be taught in the EYFS or KS1, we make links to our topics wherever possible. The pupils sing French songs and play language games to become familiar with learning an additional language.



In KS2 the children are taught French in weekly lessons, again, making specific connections to topic work wherever possible.  Lessons focus on learning new vocabulary, asking and answering simple questions as well as finding out about aspects of life in France.  Towards the upper end of KS2, pupils are expected to use French dictionaries in order to improve their understanding.  They are also encouraged to write at length in French as well as speak and respond with increasing fluency.

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