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Teaching and Learning

As a primary school our core purpose is to ensure all our pupils attain the highest standards in all aspects of literacy and maths, leaving this school with both high levels of attainment and having progressed well from their starting point. We believe that we will be more successful if this core goal is enshrined in a clear and shared approach to teaching and learning and to school ethos.

Our core aims as a school are:

To enable our children to develop the essential skills for a happy and fulfilled life

To be at the heart of our locality by working in partnership with families and the wider community

To  foster children's creativity, independence and passion for learning

To deliver quality first teaching, with high expectations for all that enables children to succeed and achieve their potential

To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports and celebrates learning

For all members of the school community to model positive, respectful relationships

As a school we work from some core principles of teaching and learning which shape how we then plan and teach:

  • We value creativity in all aspects of school life and work
  • We strive to make learning vivid and real 
  • We see questions and mistakes as central to learning 
  • We work to ensure all learners succeed and that every child is confident, happy and secure
  • We have high expectations of children and staff
  • We take every opportunity to recognise and celebrate success
  • Special events and traditions play an important role in school life
  • We have a commitment to equality of opportunity 
  • Everyone at this school works hard and enjoys themselves
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